Bridal Make Up

Your make-up is just as important as all the other choices and decisions that you have to make for your special day.

Iliana believes,  great make up starts with great skin and that no matter what the condition of your skin,  it's  a good idea to start prepping it at least 2  months before your big day  with :   A good skin routine  morning and night ,  a gentle exfoliation at least once a week to get your skin looking really polished for the day.

Bridal looks are very individual nowadays!  Many brides go from a very natural Bohemian look to a Vintage strong lip look with defined eye lines,  to a sexy smoky eye look,  the choice is yours!

It’s a good idea to send pictures before the trial or gather information on a board on pinterest it will help to get a good idea of the looks you like.

We use many different cosmetics  and  a good make up kit is one with a good range of  brands from Mac, Laura Marcier, Clinique.


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